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Brilliant Minds is a non-profit educational program that provides free, virtual math classes to students ranging from Pre-K through 6th grade.

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The Challenge

Brilliant Minds began in 2017 to help students enhance their math skills and excel in their classes despite the rising academic competition. Brilliant Minds is also a great opportunity for high school and college students to gain more leadership experience while strengthening their soft skills by becoming teachers. Due to COVID-19 exacerbating the educational gap and creating learning challenges, Brilliant Minds was determined to continue to provide free education by moving their classes online. Brilliant Minds needed a website to showcase clear information regarding their program and streamline the student and teacher sign up process.

Project Goals

Create a visual identity that is warm, welcoming and clean that is suitable for a younger audience. 

Design a website that is straight-forward and allows both students and teachers to sign up quickly and efficiently.

Design a website that is simple and easy for Brilliant Minds to update on their own.

The Brand

In order to maintain brand consistency, colors and typography were carefully selected and kept to a minimum. Although the brand colors are all orange hues, the palette has a balanced combination of bright and neutral tones. The bright orange grabs people’s attention with its cheerfulness while the lighter and darker shades of orange provide more variety. Calluna Sans was chosen as the primary typeface for its versatility as well as the fact that it exudes equal parts friendliness and professionalism. It is also used to create the logo, which reflects the bright nature of the program.

The Design

The main goal of the website is a clear and easy user flow. Although the content itself is rather simple, it was still important that the site is easy to navigate through and all of the necessary information is highlighted accordingly. If there is any confusion during the sign up process, it could deter potential students and teachers from joining the program. CTA buttons and bold typography are strategically placed on both top and bottom of the screens to not only help with the site’s flow, but also to encourage users to sign up. 

The Product

Due to not having access to a developer, it was decided that Squarespace would be the easiest and most affordable platform to build the site. As a result, the site building process was very much streamlined. The images are taken from one of the program’s videos and used as the hero images on several pages. The bright illustrations are paired with the copy to make the content more engaging.


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Insights & Further Thoughts

Despite the fact that we could not work with a developer, I do believe that the site functions and looks well. Within a week since the site was live, 30 students and 8 teachers had signed up through the website. By the time classes officially began, the number of students rose to 38. As a result, more teachers are currently being recruited to accomodate the rising number of students.
Parents of students have reacted positively to the look of the website and have mentioned to the founder of Brilliant Minds that they were excited for their children to start classes. Teachers have commented how they appreciated the clean aesthetic of the site. 
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