About the Project

UI/UX, Branding
Taking from my own aspirations of becoming a multi-dog owner, I wondered what it actually took to become a responsible pet owner. Good Co. & Friends is the only pet owner consultation that provides detailed, curated advice for animal lovers who want to be loving, responsible owners during a time when good companionship is sought for more than ever.

User Interviews

In order to understand why people get pets in the first place, I interviewed four people. One is a current long time pet owner, two are non-pet owners but do have some pet experience, and one has no pets nor pet experience. I wanted to talk to people with varying levels of pet experience to see if there is a shared sentiment when it comes to pets. I also wanted to see if the non-pet owners have any hesitations or questions about having a pet. 

Competitive Analysis

I looked at various pet service brands, including American Kennel Club, Rover, and Petco. It quickly became clear that although there are endless resources on how to train and care for those who already have pets, there are very limited resources on how one can prepare their homes and lifestyles for new pets. Although online quizzes of whether or not one is ready for a pet do exist, they are often very generic and short. They also do not provide solutions nor alternatives when the user gets a negative result.

UX Solution

I designed a specific & customized questionnaire that asks about the user’s current lifestyle, financial and home situation, and pet preferences. Their answers are reviewed by a trained, certified pet professional who can best see if the user’s situation will be beneficial or problematic for a new pet. After receiving their results, users can sign up for a membership that allows them to track their pet owner goals, contact directly with a pet professional, and have curated resources provided for them. 
This questionnaire is designed for both non-pet owners and current pet owners.


Initially, I oversimplified the process by thinking that I was building only a questionnaire. Whatever result the user receives. it is up to them to take action. However, I learned about the importance of product longevity and meaningfulness. Will a questionnaire with more questions actually solve the problem of reckless pet adoptions? No. Researching and testing how the user can not only come to self realization but also improve on becoming a better pet owner was what made this project so fun. It was crucial that this product’s tone was never judgmental nor disapproving. This project’s design process was personally educational, especially since I have no pet experience of my own. My next steps would be to flush out the user’s profile page and see what would be the best ways for the user to track their progress on their own and with the help of a trainer. 
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