About the Project

UI/UX, Branding, Research
Taking from my own aspirations of becoming a multi-dog owner, I wondered what it actually took to become a responsible pet owner. Good Co. & Friends is the only pet owner consultation that provides detailed, curated advice for animal lovers who want to be loving, responsible owners during a time when good companionship is sought for more than ever.

The Research {Pet Homelessness}

I first researched how severe the pet homelessness situation is in America. Although the number of homeless pets have declined in the past decade, there are still close to millions of cats and dogs remaining in shelters. This results in many animals euthanized due to the lack of resources and space in shelters.

The Research {Competitor Analysis}

I looked at pet-related competitors that provided a variety of types and numbers of services. It quickly became clear that although there are endless resources on how to train and care for those who already have pets, there are very limited resources on how one can prepare their homes and lifestyles for new pets. These brands tell you how you can take care of a pet but not if you should take care of a pet.

Although online “Are You Ready for a Pet?” quizzes do exist, they are often very generic and short. They also do not provide solutions nor alternatives when the user gets a negative result. These online quizzes also were not easily accessible on the competitors’ sites—I often found them through search engines.

I also took a look at how competitors organize their resources, mainly their articles and advice. All had several different categories that each had many articles within.

The Research {User Interviews}

My goal for the user interviews was to understand why people want to get pets in the first place. I interviewed a total of four people. I wanted to talk to people with varying levels of pet experience to see if there is a shared sentiment when it comes to wanting pets. I was also curious to see how knowledgable the non-pet owners are and if they had any hesitations regarding having a pet. I also wanted to see if the current pet owners could provide any insight or advice when it comes to taking care of a pet.

The most interesting find I gained from the user interviews was how all four interviewees said good companionship was the reason why they want a pet. This insight then made me ask the question: “What can people do so they themselves can be good companions for their pets?”

The Design

After the research, I started with lofi wireframes to map out all of the pages Good Co. & Friends should have. I designed for desktop because I believe it is better for this brand to establish their site first before moving onto mobile. Also, for those who are seriously considering getting a new pet, it is more likely they will go to the site on their desktop rather than their phones. 

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