About the Project

BrandingUI/UX, Packaging
Still Bright is a fictional self-care brand that encourages soft care– the act of embracing vulnerability with tenderness, empathy, and hope. Still Bright has a questionnaire to help provide a curated selection that aims to relieve whatever stress points the customers are expereincing. Still Bright also offers individual skincare products and ready-made kits. 

The Brand

Still Bright comes from the idea that even during dark moments, it can still be bright outside. Its elegance gives the brand integrity without pretension. Still Bright draws inspiration from light, shadow, and nature in order to give out warmth and softness.

The Experience

It is important that the browsing experience on Still Bright’s site is smooth yet unexpected moves. Users can comfortably navigate and choose to take the personalized quiz, browse the products, or read self-care advice. The quiz asks questions regarding their stress points, how they are feeling, and what kind of qualities they prefer. After taking the quiz, select products are recommended specific to the user’s needs and preferences.

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